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3 December at 5 p.m.
– Lighting of the first Advent candle on Town Hall Square, Christmas lights of Tartu will be switched on

6–8 December
– Young inventors’ workshops in the Village of Light

8.–9 December
– Streetorgan Christmas Days 2017

9 December
– Christmas market in Tartu City Centre

10 December at 2.30 p.m.
– Santa Winter Games in cooperation with the South Estonian Santa Claus Association and lighting of the second Advent candle at 4 p.m. on Town Hall Square

13–15 December
– Young inventors’ workshops in the Village of Light

16 December at 1 p.m.
– Wintry Tartu Folk Dance Day 2017

17 December at 4 p.m.
– Lighting of the third Advent candle on Town Hall Square

19–21 December
– Young inventors’ workshops in the Village of Light

21 December
– Recital of Christmas poems with Santa Jolle and his dear wife Asti in the Village of Light

24 December at noon
– Lighting of the fourth Advent Candle and the Declaration of Christmas Peace on Town Hall Square, Christmas soup offered from 11 a.m.

3–5 January
– Young inventors’ workshops in the Village of Light

Christmas City Tartu 2017 | Village of Light

Tartu loves Christmas and traditions, but Christmas traditions with a little twist are the best. How would you like to look at the world through flamingo-pink glasses? Or spruce needle-green ones?

For Christmas 2017, Town Hall Square in Tartu will transform into Village of Light. The village consists of seven glass pavilions of different sizes and constitutes a clever act of rebellion against the increasingly peculiar and often sopping wet winters.

This traditional meeting place will be filled with light, colour and warmth, but also young scientists and inventors doing what they do best and hosting workshops for interested onlookers. Village of Light in the heart of the city will also host charity sales, a Christmas market and even a tiny part of the University of Tartu’s Botanical Gardens. Visitors can treat themselves to hot tea and gingerbread and enjoy a fire show or an occasional performance by a couple of hundred folk dancers (16 December!). Young visitors can listen to the city rabbit Toivo’s fairy tales, watch the Santa Winter Games, rest in the hay pavilion and have fun in two pint-sized, well baby-sized to be more precise, glass houses.

The pavilions will be illuminated in the evenings. It will be especially cosy in the Village of Light when it’s sleeting. When the weather behaves well for a change, visitors of Tartu can enjoy the snug outdoor area between the pavilions with its benches, lovely wooden carousels, artificial trees and a cauldron of fire.

True Christmas spirit on Tartu Town Hall Square is supported by the horses and carriages of Laane Tallid at the following hours: from 3.30 p.m. til 8 p.m. on 3–5, 9–10 and 15–26 December.
Come and hop on to have a lovely ride!

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