Ice rink

Christmas in Tartu is a very special time indeed! It’s almost as nice as Midsummer’s Day.

This is how life of the “Kissing Students” on Town Hall Square have changed forever. For the second winter in a row, even more bustle, buzz, flirting, beautiful music and all manner of friends and guests are about to pay the sculpture a visit in the heart of the city.

After the first Advent Sunday, a nearly 1000 square-metre ice skating rink will be reopened near the amusing bronze pair and one of the most romantic and fun pastimes in the world – ice skating – can be practiced under the starry sky right in the city’s most important square.

The ice skating rink of Tartu Town Hall Square will be open from the beginning of the Advent period until the end of February, that is until the longing for spring becomes unbearable. We hope to be skating rings on the square for around three months, with former and active skaters such as Michelle Kwan, Anna Levandi and Alexander Zaitsev (they a r e among us, you need only give them a chance to shine) as well as first-time skaters trembling with courage. Parents and grandparents are welcome to support beginners on the rink or teach them from the sidelines. If their teachings remain unheard, it is time for them to go to the skating rink café and calm themselves with a hot drink and then, after some rest, continue their hard work teaching and imparting their wisdom.

The much loved glass pavilions of the Village of Light, which offer a pleasant outdoor environment for young and old alike regardless of the winter weather, will also return to Town Hall Square by the first Advent Sunday and continue to delight people in its special not overly organized way and offer activities and hold events until the end of the winter holidays, that is until 9th January 2022.


The ice rink of Tartu Town Hall Square is open from 27 November 2022 to 26 February 2023.

We are operating daily from 10 a.m. til 10 p.m.