Tartu to build an ice rink on Town Hall Square

Tartu City Government
Press Release

The City of Tartu will build a nearly 1000-square-metre ice rink around The Kissing Students sculpture and fountain on Town Hall Square, with construction set to begin at Town Hall Square during the second half of the week. The ice rink, which will remain open until the second half of February, will be completed together with Valgusküla by the start of Advent.
The venture – an ice rink in the historic heart of the city – which has been looking for opportunities for many years, will finally be realised thanks to the private sector. The ice production and maintenance mechanism, which is being provided free of charge to the city by OÜ Giga Investeeringud, was manufactured by a highly experienced Finnish company. A team comprised of Finns and Estonians will begin building the rink during the second half of this week, and the mechanism being installed can be compared to a large refrigerator.

According to Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas, dreams are often realized by working together. ‘There is also a company behind the fulfilment of this dream, one whose actions in the past have already confirmed its commitment to its hometown. This is a beautiful gift for the residents of Tartu and visitors to the city, at a time when spending time in the fresh air is especially popular’, added Klaas.

The entire technical solution and new lighting technology can be used elsewhere in the city for many years to come. The ice rink on Town Hall Square is initially planned for three winters as part of Tartu’s Christmas Village.

Use of the ice rink is free for people, and both large and small skates can be rented from the pavilion in the immediate vicinity of the rink. On working days, school children are welcome to enjoy the square until afternoon.

The Village of Light, with its glass pavilions and slightly updated content, will return to the Town Hall Square for the start of Advent, allowing you to spend time in a manner that is pleasant, dispersed and not overly organised, staying in the fresh air and wandering around until the end of Christmas Break. Returning to the Village of Light are coffee and gingerbread vendors, sleigh rides and pony rides, the family of super egg layers, the straw house – which has become a classic part of the Christmas Village in Tartu – several glass houses featuring new content, and new attractions, with the Theatre Vanemuine and Estonian National Museum contributing to their creation.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many beloved events will not be taking place in the Town Hall Square in the usual manner this year, including the joint lighting of Advent candles.