Ponies in the Village of Light
Ponies in the Village of Light

Ponies in the Village of Light

Taking kids for rides in the Village of Light this year will be the ponies Batman, Paula, Sofi, Fiona, Iizi, Uni and May Boy a.k.a. Maika. May Boy and Iizi will be offering rides for the first time this year. Felix will also be coming along from time to time, but only for petting and photos.

The ponies will be working in shifts and won’t be offering rides all at the same time. If you’d like to, feel free to bring them carrots and stale bread. They get fed at the end of the day and during breaks, but love snacks any time!

Note: If conditions are icy, it’s sleeting or there’s a blizzard blowing, the ponies will stay at home. The same applies if the temperature dips below -20.

Price: €5 per child per ride

The ponies will be in the Village of Light on the following dates at the following times:

31 December 14:00-19:00

05 January  17:00–20:00

06 January 17:00–20:00