Pony rides in the Village of Light

Raise your hand if you can think of anything cuter than a little pony! To be perfectly honest, we can’t, with the possible exception of princesses.

Children already know that the Village of Light on Tartu Town Hall Square is a place to make new friends and cherished memories. During the upcoming holidays, ponies Viki, Kiki, Sipsik, Zera and Zimba from the stables of Kakumetsa village will be taking care of this task. Viki, a small pony gelding, is the children’s unrivalled favourite. He’ll be arriving at Town Hall Square as if straight from a toy shop – that’s just how cute he is, inside and out. Viki is eight years old and stands a good metre at the withers. Kiki is a white-grey and brown pony who is four winters in age and also stands a nice metre at the withers. Kiki is like a snowflake by nature, a true heartbreaker. Sipsik is a brave and adorable little pony boy with just as many winters to show as Kiki. Only he stands a little shorter, just under 95 cm at the withers. Zera is a lively spotted pony lady with a rather spicy, perhaps temperamental character. The precious Shetland pony of diminutive size, Zimba, was the first on the farm, the one who started it all eleven years ago.

The ponies come to the Village of Light from their cosy home stables in Kakumetsa village in Luunja.

They will be giving children rides on their backs in Town Hall Square from 27 November to 8 January
on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 16:30-20:00.

P.S. If there are enough little passengers, the ponies will be happy to stick around for longer on the weekends.

We also announce that Viki, Kiki and Sipsik and Zera and Zimba will be in the Village of Light in shifts and won’t always be there to be ridden all at once. They’ll stay home with sleet, hail and blizzards, also when the temperature drops to 15 degrees below zero, which is completely understandable, isn’t it?

Price: €5 per child per ride
Contact details for pony rides: +372 5632 1299 (Angela Tali)